Artist Biography


I was born and raised in southern Wisconsin where I developed a tremendous passion for nature and art.  I currently reside in the Naperville, Illinois area and am President of the Plainfield, Illinois Art League.  I recently achieved a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree with a Major in Illustration and emphasis in Scientific Illustration through Northern Illinois University.  Previous to completion of this degree, I had obtained an Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design through the Milwaukee Area Technical College.  My career initially started with commercial and graphic design and eventually progressed to concentrating full time on fine art. 


Artist Statement

     It is clear for most individuals to understand the need for creating art.  Art is an essential outlet for therapeutic needs as well as creative expression.  Our prehistoric ancestors knew this and displayed it in their rich and illustrative cave paintings.  A chef will painstakingly arrange color and texture on a plate to serve guests and architects will look endlessly for an aesthetically-pleasing combination of marble and metal.  
   I prefer the term “passion for observation and detail” versus “artistic blood” due to the fact that I sincerely believe anyone has the ability to possess these traits given our individual inherent enthusiasm.  It is not solely the intrinsic characteristic of art, but innate personal interests such as environmental issues and nature conservation that is my driving force.  A natural progression follows this force from the combination of passion with art.  I strive to make my work didactic as well as enjoyable to view.