Painting Trio by Debbie Hart


This is one of my favorite characteristics of these beautiful animals. They always walk up to the fence wondering if I have any treats for them. My dream someday would be to have a farmette, somewhere warm where I can house several of these gorgeous animals. Each one I've met has had their own distinctive characteristics which make them just like people, but there is one similarity to most of them; their curiosity and interest in us.

Since I have had the most comments and votes regarding the horses I've done, I've decided to concentrate a little more with the equine-end (lol) of my paintings. In the few shows I've done I've been asked more and more about the horses I do and if I do commissions. The answer is yes, of course. I enjoy painting these magnificent creatures and honestly I think they like the attention I give them when I study their features.   This is a hand gallery-wrapped thick canvas, no frame.   

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$750.00 USD
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