Oil painting Orange Medley (Prickly Pear) by Debbie Hart

Orange Medley (Prickly Pear)

Original Oil on Canvas, 16 X 20. This painting started with more of a realistic approach. As I started painting, I realized I wanted to exaggerate the beautiful colors more by stylizing it a bit. I also originally had a lighter, more reddish background but again, wanted to make the blossoms stand out and be the center of attention. The original reference photo had less of a transition in colors and after several glazes I stood back and realized it might be more dynamic if I accentuated these colors by putting them in a red to orange to yellow flow.

I loved this simple approach so much I decided to try this on several other paintings; most of them the gorgeous cactus blossoms of the desert. I have a few started in different orders of completion and would eventually like to have a series of this style.  

This is framed in a contemporary black frame. 

$895.00 USD
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