Oil painting FirstTime by Debbie Hart


Here is one of my most favorite watercolors. I met this little girl while on vacation and she caught all of our eyes. I wanted to make the focal point totally my young subject and not her AND the horse. I wanted to convey her combination of fear and thrill at the same time, all while acting cool and grownup. You could tell her parents were spoiling her (in a good way) and had her dressed long before this ride. I have to admit, this wasn't a pony by any means and have to give her credit for her bravery. She stuck to it and we had issues coming to the end of a beautiful trail ride at the base of some of the most beautiful mountains in Arizona.
During the completion of this painting, I had imagined several different backgrounds but finally decided on keeping it simple with just a faint greenish background. In the original photograph it was cactus and weeds but I thought it may clutter the whole composition. I'm glad I left the little girl the focal point.

$350.00 USD
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