Watercolor Fairy Wren by Debbie Hart

Fairy Wren

This is a piece I just finished of a Fairy Wren pair with orchids. I did this specifically for a competition in OakBrook, Illinois. It must be my living in the midwest that made me want to work on a spring theme. I feel I haven't seen the sun in months and this made me feel closer to spring. This species of Fairy Wrens, or the Superb Fairywren, also known as the Superb Blue-wren or the Blue Wren, is a passerine bird of the family Maluridae, common and familiar across southeastern Australia. The orchids as well are native of Australia.

The combination of fuschia and blue were appealing to me and I thought it would be fun to work in watercolor in fine detail, which I love. This will be the first of many botanical and wildlife pieces.

I won an honorable mention in Oak Brook, Illinois with the very prestigious Alliance of Fine Art. I competed against 16 other Chicago art leagues which choose their best of the year.  

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