Photography Best Buds, Clydesdales by Debbie Hart

Best Buds, Clydesdales

Once in a while you work on something that you know will be special and this was it for me. These beautiful Anheuser Busch Clydesdales from Budweiser were on tour close to my home so I was extremely fortunate to grab a lot of reference photos. The sun was breathtaking that day and I tried to capture the glare on their leather harnesses. It started mostly as an exercise in capturing different metals; brass, gold, pewter and stainless steel and quickly developed into one of my favorite pieces. I had a blast experimenting with different rich blues as a glaze on top of the dark black of the leather. These two were the lead horses of the team and I absolutely LOVE the expression on his face as he looked directly at me; I felt we made a rare connection. This proudly was a finalist in an Oakbrook, Illinois Alliance of Fine Art exhibit. I am looking forward to working more with these beautiful animals in a future series.

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